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  1. Slow Flow  1/2
    Slow Flow 1/2
    This take on vinyasa incorporates longer holds with less emphasis on athletic moments. The student will be immersed in the intention of linking breath to movement while also enjoying to opportunity to build intensity in stillness. This is an all levels class and the perfect bridge to some of our higher level offerings
  2. Vinyasa Flow_ 1/2 & 2
    Vinyasa Flow_ 1/2 & 2
    Vinyasa Flow is one of the foundations of yoga found in the west. In this style of yoga the practitioner will cultivate a deep awareness around the marriage of breath and movement. Depending on the level this style can be a glimpse into the more athletic styles of yoga or a full immersion.
  3. Flight School 2/3
    Flight School 2/3
    Flight school is Tribes most advanced offering of vinyasa yoga and its not suitable for beginners. In this class we explore advanced transitions as well various arm balances and inversions within our sequences. Although physically challenging flight school is a playful fun offering with many chances to explore new things.
  4. Our easy to Understand level System
    Our easy to Understand level System
    You will notice the numbers next to classes at Tribe. This is to give the student a very clear and easy to understand indicator of what classes would be appropriate. It works as follows: 1: all levels class suitable for all body types and can be easily modified for injuries 1/2: all levels are welcomed these classes will introduce some longer holds and or faster moving sequences. level 1/2 classes are a great way to ease your way into some of the more challenging classes. 2: These are an intermediate offering but can be modified to all levels. Advanced postures and sequences are offered and a background knowledge of vinyasa yoga is strongly encouraged. 2/3 This indicates an advanced offering and is not suitable for beginners. An established practice is strongly encouraged. *please inform instructor of any injuries that you may be working with before any of the mentioned level classes.